Are You a Failure if You’re an Online Boutique Owner & 100% of Your Sales Aren’t Online?

A common misconception with owning an online boutique is that all of your sales will come from the internet. Many think if they don’t get 100% of their business without doing anything but posting on social media and/or running Facebook ads, they are not successful.

This is simply not true.

The term “online boutique” simply means you do not have a brick and mortar, or storefront, location. An “online” boutique owner still has to get in front of people in person, she just doesn’t have the overhead costs of the storefront. Those can really add up, and include rent, utilities, employee payroll, work comp insurance, and many more expenses that cannot be avoided.

The online boutique owner will be able to make more profits because they don’t have those expenses. That is the main difference between these two business models – online vs brick and mortar.

When you open an online boutique from scratch, it will require you to do events and popups to make sales initially. If you follow my strategies, you are always driving the customers you sell to and the people you meet back to your website by promoting it at those in-person events and popups. This helps you grow your online business. However, it can take several years to sell more online than you do in person. This doesn’t mean it didn’t work for you. It’s completely normal. Most people give up before they hit the top of the mountain because they don’t know where the top is.

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