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Open your own online boutique.

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• My step-by-step process to open your own online boutique

• Tips & tricks I used to take my store from zero to 7 figures in sales

• Where to buy inventory at wholesale pricing from tried-and-true vendors in the United States

• Which styles and categories sell the fastest so you can make more money faster

• Who your ideal customer really is and how to sell to them

• How to price styles to sell quickly while still making you a great profit

• What styles don’t sell well online

• How online stores are completely different from brick and mortar stores

• How to market to your customers without breaking the bank

• How much money it really takes to get started (you might be surprised)


Just had to say this journey has been full of so many firsts for me, but the excitement I feel is something I haven’t felt in such a long time. I still have a ways to go in this journey, but will get there and realize a dream. Thanks, Carina!

Marsha Rogers

Coastal Loft

I am so grateful for Carina’s secrets. I now have a clear path. Carina has given me a plan to keep me on task and not overthinking the process. She has taught me how to sell the right way and the pitfalls to avoid. I was so tired of creating my own path and making so many mistakes that I got worn out and gave up several times. I feel like I got a hold of the best secret in town!

Jen Taylor

Bad Moms Boutique

There is no doubt that if I hadn’t taken the initiative to sign up for Carina’s program, opening a boutique would have probably remained just a dream. Now, my boutique is about to open for sales!

Kara Schardt

The Pearl Boutique

I wanted to share how amazing Carina is. She has helped my business succeed so quickly. She’s always just an email away. I don’t know where my boutique would be without us working together. She is the best! Working with Carina is the best thing I could have done to help my business grow.

Taylor Collie

Tayco Boutique

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